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About Us

Kousha Fan Pars (KFP-Dental) is a manufacturing company in the field of dental equipment and supplies. Kousha Fan Pars is the largest manufacturer of dental equipment and supplies in Iran, which is intensively active in research and development with the aim of developing technology. KFP-Dental is well known in the fields of designing, manufacturing and producing equipment related to dental labs and also trading dental supplies. Nowadays, the products of this company are of the highest quality and competitive price compared with other brands. Dental furnaces include fully automated porcelain furnaces called AT 100 and AT 300, full automatic porcelain press furnaces called AT 300P, fully automatic porcelain furnaces with touch screen and new programs called AT 3000, oven cylinder wax blowers, glazer furnace, and zirconium sintering furnaces. The dental benches of this company are divided into two groups of dental laboratory work benches and dental simulation benches for clinical education.


Today, we believe that Kousha Fan Pars is based on dynamic and impressive interaction with customers, understanding their needs and attempting to fulfill their demands. Their content smile is the encouragement of management and personnel of KFP to achieve their supreme goals. We hope with the support of the community of dentists, universities and scientific centers, Iran goes for a bright future and service the community.

our colleagues

In addition to 30 years of exclusive manufacturing and production, Kousha Fan Pars Co. have partnered with leading world companies such as Vita, 3shape, imes-icore, and Bego to meet the needs of today's dental community in Iran along with novel technologies.