• پارسی (Persian)
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General box is an integrated set which includes a micrometer for rasping, suction, air nozzle, protective shield and etc. Easy and safe dental operation with personal and environmental hygiene will be accomplished by using this product.




 Two Built-in micromotor systems, controllable with foot pedal to adjust clockwise & counter-clockwise rotation

 Strong air nozzle to clean the dusts

 Suction system to collect suspended particles & dust

 Particle collection bags with filtering valves

 Automatic on & off suction system controlled by micromotor

 Standard fluorescent lights with adjustable light intensity

 Metallic stands with ability to adjust height

 Inferior drawer with plastic container (tray)

 Protective shield to enhance safety & have a better visibility

 Regulator & gauge to adjust & display air flow

 Electrical Switchgear with four outgoing socket

 Air pedal on work stand

 The possibility to install 40000 RPM micromotor with elbow control

 Programmable intelligent system and screen display to control and display parameters  (micromotor rotational speed, light intensity) in a modular package


Technical Data:


 Dimensions: 65 cm (width)*80 cm (depth)*125 cm (height)

 Power input of dust evacuation system: 1600 W

 Operating voltage: 210-240 V-50/60 Hz

 Micromotor Angular velocity: 30000-45000 RPM

 Air pressure: 1-6 Bar