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Induction Casting Machine (Ducatron) is offered to dental laboratories. Function of this device is based on induction melting Technology which makes the precise and safe casting operation with all common alloys in dentistry (except titanium) possible. One of the most significant characteristics of this product is using argon gas for protection from alloys oxidation.




 Casting for all precious & non Precious Alloys (except Titanium)

 Highest Precise without any changes in work dimensions

 100 percent security (the end of risks resulting from traditional form of casting, omission of gas capsule and air)

 Possibility of using Argon gas to maximally minimize oxidation (complete deletion of oxidation and porosity)

 Time saving (In Comparison to traditional casting method)

 Economical, Low alloy consumption

 No need to balance and adjust

 User friendly


Technical Data


 Dimensions: 59 cm (width)*69 cm (depth)*95 cm (height)

 Maximum temperature: 1600 °C

 Weight: 110 Kg

 Maximum allowable alloy weight: 60 g

 Water reservoir volume: 18 liter per minute

 Argon current rate: 15 liter per minute

 Maximum power input: 2500 w

 Power supply: 210-240 V-50 Hz