• پارسی (Persian)
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This device is used for keeping dental plaster. One of remarkable characteristics of this devices is easy evacuation and vibration of nozzle outlet for preventing plaster adhesion (because of moisture).




Vibration system in order to avoid adherence of plaster particles to each other and to silo inner wall

 High quality output valve in proper dimensions to control outlet plaster

 Steel frame for stability and beauty

 Easy relocation & installation

 Wall mounting capability


Technical Data


 Dimensions: 25 cm (width)*30 cm (depth)*55 cm (height)

 Dimensions of output valve: 4 cm*4 cm

 Weight: 10 Kg

 Plaster capacity: (about) 22 Kg

 Maximum power input: 85 W

 Operating voltage: 210-240 V-50/60 Hz