• پارسی (Persian)
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One of the important usage of this device in dentistry laboratories is eradicating residual plaster after casting stage, surface cleaning and producing mechanical binding in cases such as fixed frames, partial, full ceramics, glass ceramics, and Feldspars. Using this device leads to prevention of powder and abrasives scattering in the work environment and high work precision is obtained with desired abrasive powders in the two separate reservoirs. Existence of two hand-pieces   with tungsten carbide nozzles and two modes switch gives hand-piece selection possibility and high-speed operation to the user.




 Equipped with two tungsten carbide nozzles with high durability

 Two sand chambers

 Ability to work with both 25-70 μm & 70-250 μm sands (in two separate chambers)

 Output pipe for connecting to suction

 Low-energy consuming by LED light system

 Equipped with regulator to adjust function pressure

 Equipped with pressure gage to prompt display functional pressure with high precision

 Textile sleeves to enhance operation hygiene

 Fast & easy installation and function

 Elegant and beautiful design


Technical Data

 Dimensions: 40 cm (width)*43 cm (depth)*29 cm (height)

 Weight: 7 Kg

 Functional pressure: 2-6 Bar

 Chamber Capacity: 1 liter

 Power Supply: 210-240 V- 50/60 Hz