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Flexoplast is an advanced system for injecting thermoplastic material with ideal usage in dentistry to build Acrylic removable prosthetics (denture). Easy, precise and elegant prosthetics operation is result of Flexoplast using.




 Equipped with an advanced processor to automatically control program

 Equipped with Program termination alarm

 Alarm system for faulty user operation

 Precise thermal sensor to measure the muffle temperature

 Indicator to display muffle temperature

 Made of High quality cast iron to facilitate casting in cartridge injection & ejection

 High precision performance

 User friendly


Cartridge Features


 High polishability and inexistence of saliva absorption

 With high biocompatibility to adapt to oral tissues

 Fabricated in four colors:  Transparent, Intense Pink, Soft Pink, Dark Pink

 Fabricated in Large, Medium and Small sizes


Technical Data


 Dimensions: 20 cm (width)*30 cm (depth)*55 cm (height)

 Weight: 30 Kg

 Power input: 800 W

 Operating voltage: 210-240 V-50/60 Hz