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Dental Autoclave class B, is the new generation of sterilizer family which uses steam pressure and vacuum environment technology and offers vast applications and accuracy of performance assurance. Five functional programs according to global standards together with advanced hardware equipment, offers sterilizing capability to the product for all kinds of surgical devices (metal and sterilizable non-metals), clinical clothing and garments, operating room instruments and utensil. According to high importance and sensitivity of this product; in addition to considering 4860 and 4863 national standards in designing and producing; manufacturing process of this product has been in accordance with European standards of CE, EN 13060 and ISO 13485.




 Process evaluation system

 Mechanical (safety valve) and electrical (with feedback from pressure sensor) pressure controller in order to provide maximum functional safety

 Water level controller and alarm system

 Five fixed programs and two user-adjustable programs

 Heat and pressure calibration system

 Robotic locking door system

 Integrated reservoir made from stainless steel

 Input & output valves in rear & front of device

 Installed printer to print accomplished sterilization process

 Timer and time register to extract all kind of time information from the entire sterilization process

 Safety valves to reach maximum operational security.

 LCD Display by easy operation


Technical Data


 Sterile Temperatures: 121 & 134 °C

 Chamber Volume: 18 Liter

 Net Weight: 52 Kg

 Micromotor Angular velocity: 45000 RPM

 Maximum Consumption Power: 1800 W

 Power supply: 210-240 V-50/60 Hz