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Steam Cleaning is a prevalent and effective method to clean dental models, prosthesis and tools, removing casting operation and residual wax in dental and dentistry. Steam Cleaner of KFP with easy and safety operation has been manufactured to fulfil maximum requirements of dental and dentistry.




 Eliminate pollution of different surfaces for metallic and ceramic (Zirconium) frames

 Cleaning different surfaces of prostheses

 Steam adjusting output according to the sort of consumption

 Three tips for multiple consumption cases

 Water amount electronic controller

 Water amount alarm system

 Portable and fixed nozzle

 Fully metallic framework for strengthening and enhancement of product life purposes

 Steam storage device for standby status

 Safety valves to reach maximum operational security.

 Foot pedal


Technical Data


 Dimensions: 30 cm (width)*46 cm (depth)*40 cm (height)

 Maximum output steam pressure: 6 Bar

 Net weight: 18 Kg

 Maximum power input: 2200 W

 Power supply: 210-240 V-50/60 Hz

 Water storage volume: 4 liters