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Years of efforts by the R&D, technical and engineering teams at Kousha Fan Pars has led to design and manufacture of one of the most important dental laboratories devices. AT 300P VPF Porcelain Pressing and firing Dental furnace performs pressing (injecting) full ceramic frames in addition to the capabilities of AT 100 and AT 300. Application of this product is full automatic and this device is
compatible with all the commercially available press ingots.



Equipped with the latest applicable technology for all the commercially available press ingots with porcelain curing capability in vacuum and in atmosphere

200 defined firing programs for all available ceramics & alloys in the market and the ability to define 100 new programs

Equipped with the capability of defining multiple curing programs (including crystal curing)

Bilingual Help program in English & Farsi

Automatic stand by program activated in non-working time

Pre-vacuum program for reducing ceramics thermal shock

Fast cooling program for saving time

NIGHT-IDLE-DRY sub-programs to initial set up, save time and improve product life time

Precise temperature sensor (Radium Platinum Thermocouple)

Advanced processing system for automatic programs control

Graphical and Digital LCD to display process information

Spiral muffle covered by Quartz heater to create & distribute monotone heat

High quality oil-less vacuum pump

Automatic thermal and vacuum calibration program

Audio signals at the beginning and end of the program

Error warning system during entering incorrect values ​​for temperature, time and vacuum level

Intelligent alarm system to warn software/hardware error

High accuracy in performance at low and high temperature

Using vertical lift to move smoothly to achieve a minimum amount of noise and vibration

Technical Data:


Dimensions: 37 cm width × 39 cm depth × 69 cm Height.

Maximum temperature: 1200°C (2200° F)

Net Weight: 26 Kg

Maximum power consumption: 1600 W

Power supply: 210-240 V - 60/50 Hz

Equipped with a vacuum pump with a power of 200 W and compatible with 220 V AC power with vacuum creation capability up to -985 mBar