• پارسی (Persian)
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The application of this product is to pre-warm and prepare casting cylinders for alloy frames of chrome-cobalt and porcelain. Also, this furnace is used in pre-warming partial frame casting cylinders.



Performing heating and dewaxing for chrome cobalt, nickel, chromium prosthesis cylinders and other precious and non-precious alloys

Containing 10 functional programs to change all parameters

Programmable temperature with three distinct stages (time, temperature and temperature increase rate)

Ideal case with high capacity for setting 4 cylinders with weight of 180 g

Weekly schedule (100 hours)

LCD for displaying all parameters

Microcontroller for precise & real-time control

Intelligent alarm system to warn software/hardware errors

Precise thermal sensor (thermocouple type K)

Quick installation & ease of operation

Using the best ceramic fiber thermal insulators

Using the best thermal elements with high durability


Technical Data:


Dimensions: 38 cm (width) * 38 cm (depth) * 48 cm (height)

Chamber Dimensions: 16 cm (width) x 16 cm (depth) x 10 cm (height)

Chamber capacity: 4 cylinders

 Maximum temperature: 1150 ° C (2100 ° F)

Maximum power consumption: 1800W

Weight: 25 kg

Power supply: 210-240 V AC -50/60 Hz