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Auto sinter 1650L is a new achievement in zirconia sintering with special application in dentistry to sinter zirconium frame blocks or blanks which are milled by CAD/CAM systems.




 Equipped with six MoSi2 thermal elements in order to create and distribute steady heat

 Sintering different full ceramic prosthesis based on commercially available zirconium

 Capable of programming to define the start and the finish time daily and weekly

 Bilingual Help program in English & Farsi

 Precise temperature sensor (Radium Platinum Thermocouple type B)

 Advanced processing system for automatic programs control

 Graphical and Digital LCD to display process information

 Intelligent alarm system to warn software/hardware errors

 Using vertical lift to move smoothly to achieve a minimum amount of noise and vibration

 Durable Parts (because of selection of parts to function at 1800 ° C)

 Quick installation & ease of operation

 High functional precision

 Easy to use


Technical Data:


 Dimensions: 50 cm (width) * 60 cm (depth) * 81 cm (height)

 Job capacity in each stage: 60 units

 Net Weight: 75 kg

 Maximum temperature: 1650 ° C

 Temperature increase (functional speed): variable between 1 and 30 ° C every minute

Maximum power consumption: 3100 W

 Operating voltage: 210-240 V AC -50/60 Hz